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How to Make Money Blogging: 10 Profitable Methods to Cash In

How to Make Money Blogging

In today’s digital age, blogging has become a popular way for individuals to share their passions, interests, and expertise with the world. But did you know that blogging can also be a lucrative venture? Many bloggers have found ways to monetize their blogs and turn their passion into a full-time income. In this article, we will explore 10 popular methods that bloggers use to make money and discuss the pros and cons of each approach. So, if you’re wondering how to make money blogging, read on!

Understanding the Earning Potential

Before we dive into the different monetization strategies, let’s first address the question, “How much can you make from blogging?” While there are claims of bloggers earning a full-time income, studies show that only around 5%-8% of bloggers actually achieve this level of success. The amount you can earn from blogging depends on the monetization strategies you use and how successful you are at implementing them. Some bloggers can earn six figures or even more from their blogs. For example, Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable, has an estimated net worth of over $120 million thanks to his successful blogging venture.

1. Advertising

Advertising is one of the most common ways that bloggers make money. By placing ads on their websites, bloggers can earn a commission when visitors click on the ads. There are two main approaches to advertising: negotiating directly with companies or using ad networks like Google AdSense, Raptive, or Ezoic.


  • Relatively easy to set up and manage.
  • Potential to earn money passively over time.


  • Ads can be intrusive and detract from user experience.
  • Difficult for beginners to earn a good income solely from ads.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another popular method that bloggers use to monetize their websites. With affiliate programs, bloggers can earn commissions when readers purchase products or services through affiliate links on their websites.


  • Easy to start and doesn’t require creating or managing products.
  • Potential for high commissions.


  • Requires work in creating content and building relationships with affiliates.
  • Difficult to scale without the right niche or team.

3. Sponsored Content

Companies often pay bloggers to write sponsored posts or create sponsored content to promote their products or services. This can be a great way to earn money from your blog, especially if you have a large following and influence in your niche.


  • Opportunity to earn a large amount of money per post.
  • Builds lasting relationships with brands.


  • Difficult to find sponsors, especially for beginners.
  • Requires research, writing, and promotion.

4. Selling Services

By establishing yourself as an authoritative voice in your niche, you can use your blog to market and sell services such as consulting, coaching, or digital marketing services.


  • Easy to start if you have an existing reputation.
  • Potential for high earnings and long-term client relationships.


  • Requires significant effort to deliver quality services.
  • Difficult to scale as clients want to work with you, the expert.

5. Selling Physical and Digital Products

Many bloggers create and sell physical or digital products on their websites, such as ebooks, courses, or merchandise. Digital products are more scalable and can generate passive income over time.


  • Potential for high passive earnings.
  • Easy to scale.


  • Requires upfront investment in product creation.
  • Additional work for managing physical product sales.

6. Online Courses

As a niche expert, you can create online courses related to your blog’s topic and sell them on your website. Online courses have the potential for high earnings and can be scaled with additional courses.


  • Potential for high earnings per sale.
  • Easy to scale with additional courses.


  • Requires time investment in creating course content.
  • Can be competitive against larger businesses.

7. Coaching and Mentoring

If you have a cult following of aspiring bloggers or industry professionals, you can offer one-on-one coaching or mentoring services to help others learn and grow.


  • Solid income potential from coaching services.
  • Rewarding to see mentees succeed.


  • Requires work to deliver the service and build relationships.
  • Must remain unbiased and ethical in providing advice.

8. Public Speaking

Bloggers with expertise in their niche can share their knowledge and experiences through public speaking engagements at industry workshops, seminars, and conferences.


  • Potential for high earnings from speaking fees.
  • Easy to scale with additional engagements.


  • Requires comfort with public speaking.
  • Need to be confident and competent as a speaker.

9. Premium Communities

Many bloggers create premium online communities and charge a fee for access. These communities offer exclusive content, mastermind sessions, or networking opportunities with industry leaders.


  • Potential for high earnings from membership fees.
  • Easy to scale with additional members.


  • Requires work to create and manage the community.
  • Difficult to find members initially.

10. Blog Flipping

Buying and selling blogs can be a profitable way to make money online. Blog flipping involves purchasing a blog, making improvements, and selling it for a profit.


  • Potential to cash in by selling a successful blog.
  • Capital for buying and selling more blogs.


  • Requires research, management, and finding buyers or sellers.
  • Can be time-consuming.

Top Tips for Success

Now that you know the various methods to make money blogging, here are some top tips to make your blog a success:

1. Choose a Profitable Niche

Select a niche with high earning potential, preferably one that includes high-ticket items for affiliate marketing. Competitive niches provide opportunities for competitor analysis and learning from successful blogs.

2. Keep Your Blog Unique

Differentiate your blog from the competition by offering a unique angle, more thorough knowledge, custom visuals, or filling gaps in the market. Quality content is essential for both users and search engines.

3. Utilize SEO for Organic Traffic

Optimize your blog for search engines to attract organic traffic. Conduct keyword research to identify relevant keywords and understand search intent. SEO can help your blog rank higher in search engine results.

4. Build an Email List

Capture emails from your audience to establish a loyal subscriber base. Regularly communicate with your email list to promote your products, services, or courses.

5. Expand Your Blog with Additional Channels

Consider expanding your blog by utilizing additional channels such as social media, YouTube, or podcasting. These channels can provide additional monetization opportunities and revenue streams.

Final Thoughts

Blogging can be a profitable venture if you know how to monetize your blog effectively. By implementing the right strategies and utilizing various methods such as advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and selling services, you can turn your blog into a reliable source of income. Remember to choose a profitable niche, create unique and valuable content, and optimize your blog for search engines. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve success and make money from your blog.


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